Moha Design only use premium all weather wicker from leading produceres such as VIRO™ and Raucord by Rehau.

Superior-quality polyethylene-based fiber characterized by high flexibility and high tensile strength.

The furnitures are handwoven with synthetic fibre with special performances such as:
UV and weather resistance, maintenance free.
Non toxic, environmental friendly and recyclable.
The texture as natural look and feel - strong and durable.


Won't the colour fade?
The fibre will not fade, even if it's exposed to extreme weather conditions during summer and winter.

Is it safe for the environment?
Yes. The fibre is made from polyethylene, which is non-toxic (even when burned, no toxic substances are generated) and 100% recyclable.

What about rain, salt water and chlorine?
The fibre is resistant to all of them, so it's safe to be used at the beach and by the pool - even suntan lotions and creams aren't a problem!